Disinfecting Services

Combat and eliminate immediate virus

All Our Technicians Are B.P.C.A Qualified

Our Disinfecting service keeps your environment clean; free of viruses, bacteria and contamination.

For all residential and commecrial settings including schools, hospitals and restaurants.

Disinfecting Service
- Domestic & Commercial

It has always been important for us to protect our environments by making sure they are clean; free of viruses, bacteria and contamination. However, this has perhaps never been more important than in the recent outbreak of coronavirus  which we now find ourselves in the midst of. With our disinfection services Go 2 Pest control can provide you with the peace of mind that your environment, whether this be domestic or commercial, is free of dangerous diseases and harmful viruses such as coronavirus.

Our anti-viral treatment service:

Tackle Coronavirus

Go 2 Pest Control have procured a spray which can be used to tackle latest coronavirus as it has previously been effectively used on other coronavirus strains. It will combat and eliminate immediate virus, bacteria and fungi present in treated areas.

Go 2 Pest Control can therefore offer our expertise and professional anti-viral service to give clients a peace of mind, so that when the time is right, we can get back to normal faster.


Decontamination vs Deep Clean

  • A decontamination service utilises methods of deep cleaning including a wipe down and cleaning or replacement of air filters
  • Like a deep clean, a decontamination ensures that the infection is contained and not spread across the room as cleaning takes place
  • Additionally, a decontamination service also uses products and techniques specific to the environment and context, such as our anti-viral spray used against coronavirus

Disinfecting Best Practice

All that we ask from our clients is that wherever your environment for decontamination might be, it is cleared, and space is made in order that our team can get to work. Our team will then use our professional product to disinfect your environment. This involves spraying our anti-viral product on any surface that might potentially have been exposed to coronavirus or any other harmful viruses. Our spray can be used on any surface and works by killing the virus. The anti-viral spray has been effectively used on other strains of coronavirus and thus can be used to eliminate the latest strain of coronavirus. Any area that has been treated by our anti-viral spray cannot be used for 2 hours.  Anti-viral sprays work differently to anti-bacterial products because they have different properties and targets.

In the case of coronavirus, an anti-viral spray is most effective.

Why Choose Go2 for Disinfecting Services?

We are experts in decontamination and disinfection services.

With something as important as your health, you need to trust professionals who can safely treat threatening viruses from your environment.

Disinfecting offices with anti viral spray
  • We are a family run business
  • We have a dedicated team of conscientious, hardworking and knowledgeable individuals, which is very important when working in this sector
  • All of our staff are fully trained and work to a high standard so you can rely on them to do the job well
  • We offer the best service that is value for money and competitively priced
  • We can provide you with peace of mind in what are unsettling times
  • We work with the best technology and practices
  • We work discreetly and to the needs of our clients

Where we work:

Hospitals | Commercial Kitchens | Schools | Hotels

Go 2 Pest Control are happy to work wherever our clients need us.

Our decontamination services can be used in any of the following and more:

These are just some of the places our disinfectant services can be used. They are all spaces shared by many people coming and going and thus can be exposed to harmful viruses.

They are also the places integral to the upkeep of our normal lives and so it is vital we seek to protect them and use expert anti-viral treatment where it is believed necessary.

Wherever your environment, our team will ensure it is cleaned and decontaminated in the appropriate way and to an extremely high standard.

Need to ensure a safe environment for your staff and clients?

The Go2 Disinfecting Service will combat and eliminate immediate virus, bacteria and fungi present in treated areas.​



The Go 2 price match means that you can be assured when using our service, that you are receiving the most effective treatment at a competitive price by skilled and experienced Go 2 technicians.

If you receive a cheaper quote for a like-for-like service including both materials and aftercare…. We will match it. Just send us the detail and we will take care of the rest subject to terms and conditions.