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Go 2 Pest Control are a specialist team of pest controllers working in Woking.

100% Effective Treatments
All Our Technicians Are B.P.C.A Qualified

Whatever your pest problem, we are here to help clients in Woking and surrounding areas: residential, commercial or industrial pest control.

How we can help

  • We have specialist knowledge in identifying the pest, the importance of biology and behaviour meaning we can offer a quick yet effective service for pest control
  • With our speedy service, you can get back to normal in no time
  • We can take the unpleasant and even dangerous task of pest removal out of your hands, so you have one less thing to worry about
  • We offer our pest removal services in a range of locations, including industrial, commercial and residential premises in Woking and beyond
  • We can treat and remove a number of pests, which we categorise as: crawling insects, flying insects and rodents & others
  • We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning we can respond to your pest problem with urgency

Our Pest Control Services:

  • All commercial, residential and industrial premises
  • All forms of pests including flying and crawling insects, rats, squirrels, moles, foxes, birds and more
  • Protection of non-target species – treatments for the pest not the wildlife
  • Cost competitive
  • Operating in Woking and surrounding Surrey area

Residential Pest Control Wokingham

  • Benefit from rapid response, identification and treatment
  • Residential pest control is our area of expertise – so we can offer quick but most importantly, effective solutions

Commercial Pest Control Wokingham

  • The last place you want pests causing chaos is on a commercial property, especially if this is in the food industry as pests bring with them hygiene concerns
  • We offer extensive treatments, both proactive and reactive
  • Image protection is in place so that no one, other than our clients, need be aware of the purpose of our visit, therefore protecting your business.

Industrial Pest Control Wokingham

  • We provide pest removal services to industrial sites of any size
  • Whether you need us to carry out a pest removal in your London warehouse or simply require some advice on prevention and monitoring, Go 2 Pest Control are here to help.
  • Pest control management is integral to prioritising the health and safety of your consumers and staff. It is therefore paramount to the continued success of your business.

Wasp Nest Removal Wokingham

Wasp Nest Removal Woking

Wasp nest removal can be a difficult and dangerous task and is therefore not one we recommend doing yourself. Instead, give the team at Woking Pest Control a call; we can treat and remove the wasp nest for you.

Signs of a wasp nest

  • A number of wasps congregating around your property, particularly if they appear to be gravitating towards a small hole which may lead to the wasp nest
  • If you frequently hear a loud, scratching sound that appears to be coming from within the walls or the ceiling. Often mistaken for rats, this is more commonly a sign of a wasp nest.
  • Any visible structures that a colony of wasps could have made, these usually look like they are made of thin, paper-like material or muddy deposits, depending upon the type of wasp.


Our wasp nest removal service

We strongly urge our clients to seek the professional services of Go 2 Pest Control in the removal of wasp nests. Wasp nest removal is not only a unpleasant task but can be dangerous and even fatal. Wasp stings are at best painful, and at worst can cause anaphylactic shock, which is life-threatening.

Go 2 Pest Control offer a professional wasp nest removal service in Woking. Our reliable team are qualified professionals in wasp nest removal; we have the skill to deal with wasp nests carefully, effectively and quickly. Go 2 Pest Control Woking always come prepared with the appropriate equipment and clothing to ensure that we can treat the wasp nest safely as well as by following strict guidelines. We can even arrange a time to return to the property at a later date (allowing time for the treatment to work) and remove

Whatever the pest - Go2 Pest Control for Woking

Non-Target Species

There are so many unusual and fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom and we think they’re all great.

Our goal here at go 2 pest control is to protect public health and to never disturb non-target species.

Go 2 are registered supporters of the “Think Wildlife Campaign”

We constantly work to keep prices down and offer the most effective treatments at the best possible prices, call us for a free telephone estimate. (Quotes are subject to survey)

Yes, we have full public liability insurance up to the value of £5,000,000.

We have an average response time of “2 Hours” for emergency call outs at present.

If unavailable our customers can make arrangements for somebody (18 or over) to provide access.

We can tailor treatment programs and Go 2 offer discounts for combined bookings.

We are a fast response company and can offer emergency callouts or bookings made at the most convenient times.

Absolutely, Heath and safety of our customers and staff is paramount.

Full treatment programmes are all guaranteed for 12 weeks, we only require our clients to follow our recommendations as advised on our Go 2 treatment reports.

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We provide both proacive and re-active pest control services.

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The Go 2 price match means that you can be assured when using our service, that you are receiving the most effective treatment at a competitive price by skilled and experienced Go 2 technicians.

If you receive a cheaper quote for a like-for-like service including both materials and aftercare…. We will match it. Just send us the detail and we will take care of the rest subject to terms and conditions.